Gulf Print and Pack Exhibition 2015
13 April 2015 to 16 April 2015

Mepco Gulf is a leading paper and, board trader in the Middle East North Africa and the Indian subcontinent. Our group has achieved the prestigious 5th rankining the TOP 100 SMEs by the agency of the Department of Economic Development in Dubai (DED) for the years 2011 - 2012. The Company has 5 offices around the globe including UAE, Egypt, India, Lebanon and Tunisia. Our Company sells more than 1600000 tons of different brand and grades of paper annually.

This Company represents Mondi and a number of other top paper manufacturing brands in the region.

Fadi Baaklini, the Company’s Managing Director says: “GPP is a good platform to promote their Mondi Kraft line of products as well as uncoated fine paper. The Company has been working Mondi for past 15 years. We have a solid cooperation with Mondi and our major reason to participate in Gulf Print is to announce an exciting news about Mondi.

Our Company’s new €70 million PM7 has gone live in Št?tí, Czech Republic recently. The machine will produce white kraft paper mainly for industrial bags and shopping bags. The machine’s annual paper capacity is 155,000 tons. The PM7 will produce white kraft paper for Industrial Bags, Shopping Bags, Consumer Bags, Protective, Packaging, Coating and Lamination Ream Wrap and other high quality wrapping. It will enhance Mondi’s production capacity considerably.”

Adding to Baaklini’s comments Gerhard Pachler, Mondi’s sales Director for Specialty Kraft paper says,” The new PM7 meets high environmental standards. It will have a positive environmental impact due to the integration of the pulp to paper production process without the intermediate steps of drying and transporting of the pulp.

In Mondi, we buy woods from certified resources. We don’t own forests. We have paper production sites around the globe and we make our own pulp. We are a fully integrated paper manufacturing Company.

The demand for paper packaging in Europe is on the rise while due to environmental concerns the demand for plastic packaging declining.

There’s also a sharp drop in demand for newsprint. In the Middle East and other countries such as India there is still demand for newspapers. I believe the newsprint market eventually stabilizes and there will always be a demand for printed newsprint.”