Fine papers

At Mepco we are offering you a high range of fine papers, for details please contact us.

  • Uncoated wood free (UFW)
    Uncoated wood free Grades that contain mainly chemical pulps and 5–25% fillers.  Both softwood and hardwood chemical pulps are used in a production and minor additions of mechanical pulp. UFW papers are characterized with good strength and high brightness, their grades are calendered which gives the paper natural look.
  • Coated wood free (CWF)
    Coated wood free Grades have been coated by a compound in order to give certain qualities to the paper such as surface gloss, smoothness, weight or reduced ink absorbency.
  • Office communication
    Paper that is used for copying and laser printers. Its basis weight ranges between 70-90 g/m² and brightness 80-96%. Copy paper runs smoothly in a printer/copying machine and has good dimensional stability.