Mechanical paper

From light coated paper, through supercalendered and newsprint; whatever solution you are searching for your business, Mepco – your partner in paper, is here to help you.

  • Light/low weight coated paper (LWC)
    Light/low weight coated paper Is a thin coated paper with high mechanical pulp content.  It can be used for high quality magazines and advertising materials.
  • Supercalendered (SC)
    Supercalendered paper is made from mechanical pulp, filler and additives and pressed in a supercalender. Supercalender gives a glossy finish and makes the paper smoother and brighter. SC paper is typically used for magazines and catalogues.
  • Newsprint (NSP)
    Newsprint mainly consists of wood pulp and is characterized by high strength, low cost and ability to accept 4 color printing. Thanks to its features, NSP is commonly used to print newspapers, advertisements and other publishing materials.