Tissue Papers

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Facial tissue refers to a class of soft, absorbent and disposable papers that are suitable for use on the face. It is made from the lowest basis weight (14-18g/m²).


Maxi Roll

Maxi roll refers to rolls of dispenser used for kitchen and public toilets



Paper towel has usually a basis weight of 20 to 24g/m². Normally such paper towels are 2-ply. It can be made from 100% chemical pulp to 100% chemical fiber or a combination of both.



Toilet paper comes in various numbers of plies, from 1 to 6-ply. With more back to back plies providing greater strength and absorbency.



Napkin is made from 1 up to 4 plies and in a variety of qualities, sizes, folds, colors and patterns depending on intended use.


Auto Cut

Auto Cut rolls by dispenser use.